JJC-1 Universal Aviation Headset Hanger

Price: MSRP $21.95 See Re-sellers for Pricing
Item Number: UHH-1008
Manufacturer: JJC Aviation
Manufacturer Part No: UHH-1008

*** NEW NOW AVAILABLE IN FOUR COLORS *** Sometimes it is the simple things that provide the most utility.  This inexpensive product is designed to provide a safe secure storage solution for aviation headsets inside the aircraft.  No longer will you have to throw your expensive headset on the glare shield, the seat, or hang it on the control wheels. This easy to install device gets the headset up and out of the way so that it is easier to get into and out of the cockpit without fighting loose headsets.  It also protects the headset by getting it up and out of the way. You have invested a lot into getting a quality headset for your aircraft so why not spend a few dollars to protect it.  This product is also great for training aircraft since it adds little weight and is easily installed.  It can be a big plus for both rental and privately owned aircraft.  It can also be used inside the hanger, closet or garage to provide a secure storage place for your headset when it is not in the aircraft.